Glo EasyShare : How to transfer Airtime from Glo line

Glo EasyShare provides a convenient way for Glo subscribers to transfer airtime to friends and family within the Glo network.This service allows Glo subscribers to share airtime to friends and family members using their own airtime balance.

This feature is especially convenient for those times when a loved one runs out of airtime and needs an immediate top-up. transferring airtime is quick, simple, and hassle-free.

Features and benefits of Glo EasyShare

Glo EasyShare is a service that allows Glo subscribers in Nigeria to easily transfer airtime (talk time) and data from their account to other  lines. Here are its key features and benefits:


  • Airtime Transfer: The core feature is the ability to send airtime from your Glo line to another Glo number.
  • Data Sharing: You can also share your data plan with other Glo users.
  • Multiple Methods: Transfers are possible through:
    • USSD Code (*131#)
    • GloCafe App
  • PIN Protection: Your EasyShare PIN adds a layer of security to prevent unauthorized transfers.


  • Convenience: Quickly and easily help out friends, family, or colleagues in need of airtime or data.
  • Flexibility: Transfer as much or as little airtime as needed within allowed limits.
  • Cost-Effective: Transferring airtime or data can sometimes be a more cost-effective method than repurchasing for the recipient.
  • Promotional Offers: Glo occasionally runs

Requirements to enable Subscribers share airtime on Glo

Here are the general requirements to enable airtime sharing on your Glo line using Glo EasyShare:

  1. Active Glo SIM: You need to be an active Glo subscriber with a registered SIM card and link to NIN
  2. Both the sender and the recipient must be Glo customers.
  3. Sufficient Airtime Balance: Ensure you have enough airtime in your account to cover both the amount you want to transfer
  4. EasyShare PIN: While the default PIN is usually 00000, it’s recommended to change this to a unique PIN for security. Here’s how to change your PIN:
    • Dial *132*00000*NEW PIN*NEW PIN# from your Glo phone . Replace “NEW PIN” with your preferred 5-digit code.

How to change Glo Transfer PIN

Here’s how to change your Glo EasyShare transfer PIN:

1. The default PIN is 00000, which you need to change to a new one. You can do this by dialling *132*00000*New PIN*New PIN# and pressing OK. .

2. Replace “NEW PIN”: In the code above, replace “NEW PIN” with your desired new 5-digit PIN. You’ll need to enter it twice for confirmation.

For Example: To change your PIN to 12345, you would dial *132*00000*12345*12345#

  1. Press Send: Press the send/call button to process the PIN change request.

  2. Confirmation: You should receive a confirmation SMS from Glo indicating that your Glo EasyShare transfer PIN has been successfully changed.

How to tranfer airtime from glo to another glo line

Here are the methods to transfer airtime from one Glo line to another using Glo EasyShare:

Method 1: Using USSD Code

  1. *Dial *131*Glo Number*Amount*PIN# and press OK From the Glo line you want to transfer airtime from,
  2. Enter Transfer Amount: Type the amount of airtime you wish to transfer. Keep in mind any minimum or maximum transfer limits.
  3. Enter Your PIN: Enter your unique Glo EasyShare PIN (not your usual SIM PUK). If you haven’t changed it, the default is 00000.
  4. Confirmation: You’ll usually receive an SMS confirming the success of the transfer on both the sending and receiving lines.
  5. Please Easy share is not available to Glo berekete customers

    method 2: Using GloCafe App (Alternative)

    1. Download the GloCafe App: If you prefer using an app, download the GloCafe app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
    2. Log in: Launch the app and log in using your Glo phone number.
    3. Navigate to Share/Gift: Look for the “Share/Gift” section within the app’s interface.
    4. Enter Details: Enter the recipient’s Glo number, transfer amount, and your Glo EasyShare PIN.
    5. Confirm Transfer: Confirm the details and proceed with the transfer.
    6. Confirmation: You should receive an in-app notification or SMS confirming a successful transfer.

Q: What is GLO Default Transfer PIN

A: The default Glo transfer PIN is 00000. This PIN is used for authorizing airtime transfers using the Glo EasyShare service. However, it’s highly recommended to change this default PIN to a unique and secure code for better security.

Q; How can I transfer airtime from Glo to another person

A; To share or transfer airtime on GLO, dial *131*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# and press OK.

Q: Can I transfer airtime to MTN, AIRTEL AND 9mobile  numbers on other networks using Glo EasyShare?

A: No you can only transfer airtime to glo number using glo easyshare

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