How to block Fidelity bank ATM Card and account

Are you looking for how to block fidelity bank ATM card because you just misplace your card or phone and you want to prevent unauthorized person from access your account through your misplace mobile phone or from your card? will provide all the detail you need to know on how you can easily bock your account without visiting the banking hall.

In today’s digital age, the security of our financial assets is paramount. Unfortunately, instances of lost or stolen ATM cards and unauthorized account access can happen. In such situations, it is crucial to act swiftly to protect your funds and personal information.

This article will provides a comprehensive guide on how to block your Fidelity Bank ATM card and account, outlining the reasons for taking such action, step-by-step procedures and contacting customer service for assistance.

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Reasons for Blocking an ATM Card and Account

There are several reasons why a bank might block an ATM card and account, primarily to protect the cardholder and the bank from unauthorized access and potential fraud:

One of the most common reasons is to protect against potential fraud or unauthorized access. If a card and mobile phone has been lost or stolen, blocking it immediately can prevent someone from making unauthorized transactions or accessing sensitive information.

Another reason for blocking an ATM card and account could be due to suspected suspicious activity, such as multiple failed login attempts or unusual spending patterns.

In these cases, blocking the card and account can help prevent further unauthorized access and protect the account holder’s finances.

Overall, blocking an ATM card and account is a necessary precaution to ensure the security and integrity of one’s financial assets.

Fidelity Bank offers several ways to block your account if you suspect unauthorized access or have lost your card:

 How to block your Fidelity bank account through USSD code


1.To block your fidelity bank ATM Card  kindly dial *770*911# on your mobile phone.

2.You’ll be asked to enter the phone number linked to your account. Type it in and send.

3.Next, choose whether you want to block USSD access for your account or the entire account itself.

4.Finally, enter your 4-digit USSD PIN to complete the blocking process

With this process you can block your card and ussd code profile from any phone number.

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How to block Fidelity bank account through customer care service


You can block your Fidelity Bank account via customer care service through phone call

1.Simply call the Fidelity Bank customer care line: General Enquiry: 0700 343 35489

2.Listen and respond to the automated instructions.
3.Speak to a customer care representative by Explaining the reasons why you  need to block your account.
4. Provide necessary information and Be ready to verify your identity by providing your name, account number, and other relevant details.

How to block fidelity bank through WhatsApp. TrueServe


To block your Fidelity Bank account through WhatsApp using TrueServe, follow these steps:

1. Save the TrueServe number: Save the Fidelity Bank TrueServe WhatsApp number (+234 903 000 5252) in your phone contacts.

2.Open WhatsApp: Launch WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

3. Find TrueServe: Search for the saved TrueServe contact in your WhatsApp contacts.

4. Start a chat: Initiate a conversation with TrueServe by sending a message.

5. Request account blocking: Clearly state that you want to block your Fidelity Bank account. Be prepared to provide your account details and reason for blocking.

6. Verification: The TrueServe representative may ask for additional information or verification to confirm your identity and account ownership.

7. Confirmation: Once your request is processed, you will receive a confirmation message that your Fidelity Bank account has been blocked.

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To block your Fidelity Bank ATM card using internet banking, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Fidelity Bank website and log in to your internet banking account using your username and password.

2. Once you are logged in, find the “Cards” section on your dashboard. This may be under a menu or a separate tab depending on the website’s design.

3. Click on the “Cards” section, and you should see a list of your active cards. Choose the specific ATM card you want to block.

4. Choose “Block Card”: You will usually find an option to “Block Card” or “Report Lost/Stolen.” Click on it to proceed.

5. Confirm Block: The website may ask you to confirm your decision to block the card. If so, follow the instructions to complete the confirmation process.

6. Enter PIN/Password: You may be required to enter your internet banking PIN or password for security purposes. Enter the correct PIN or password to complete the blocking process.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Fidelity Bank ATM card will be blocked, and you will no longer be able to use it for transactions. You can then request a new card or ask them t unblocked t through your internet banking account or by visiting a Fidelity Bank branch.

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How to block fidelity bank ATM Card through Mobile App

To block your Fidelity Bank ATM card through the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install: If you haven’t already, download and install the Fidelity Bank mobile app from either the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS).

  2. Log In: Open the app and log in using your mobile banking credentials (username and password).

  3. Go to Card Services: Once logged in, navigate to the section that handles card services. It might be labeled as “Cards,” “Card Management,” or something similar.

  4. Select the Card: Choose the specific ATM card you want to block from the list of your active cards.

  5. Block the Card: Look for an option like “Block Card,” “Hotlist Card,” or “Report Lost/Stolen.” Tap on it.

  6. Confirm: The app will likely ask you to confirm that you want to block the card. Carefully review the details and confirm your action.

  7. Reason for Blocking (Optional): You might be asked to provide a reason for blocking the card, such as loss, theft, or suspected fraud.

  8. Complete the Process: Follow any additional on-screen instructions to finalize the blocking process.

Once you complete these steps, your Fidelity Bank ATM card should be blocked immediately, preventing any further unauthorized transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will I be charged for blocking my card or account?

A: Fidelity Bank typically does not charge for blocking or unblocking your card or account. However, it’s always best to confirm this with their customer service.

Q: What should I do if I find my misplaced ATM card after blocking it?
A: If you find your ATM card after blocking it, contact Fidelity Bank immediately to unblock it and resume normal transactions.

Q: How long does it take to block a Fidelity Bank account?
A: The account blocking process is usually swift, and your account should be secured within minutes using the same methods mentioned above for blocking your ATM card: USSD code, mobile app, internet banking, or customer care service.

Q: Can I unblock my account online?
A: Fidelity Bank may require you to visit a branch or contact customer service to unblock your account for security purposes.

Q: What should I do if I’ve lost my phone and my Fidelity Bank account is linked to it?

A: If your phone is lost or stolen, you can dial *7709*11*(your lost phone number)# from any other phone to instantly block all instant banking services linked to your Fidelity Bank accounts.

Q: Why would I need to block my Fidelity bank ATM card or account?

A: You might need to block your card or account for various reasons, including:

  • Lost or stolen card: To prevent unauthorized transactions.
  • Suspected fraud: If you notice suspicious activity on your account.
  • Compromised PIN: If you believe someone else knows your PIN.
  • Security concerns: To proactively protect your account.

Q: What is fidelity bank customer care number?

A: Fidelity Bank offers multiple customer care numbers depending on your location and the nature of your inquiry:

General Enquiry:

General Enquiry: 0700 343 35489

From abroad: 0908 798 9069


TrueServe: 0903 000 5252

Chat with IVY: 0903 000 0302



In conclusion, knowing how to block your Fidelity Bank ATM card and account is a crucial aspect of ensuring the security of your finances. By promptly taking action in case of loss or theft, you can mitigate potential risks and prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

Remember to follow the outlined steps for blocking your ATM card, contact Fidelity Bank’s customer service for assistance when needed, and implement additional security measures to protect your account post-block
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