How to block Gtbank ATM Card and Unlock it

One of Nigeria’s most popular banks, Guaranty Trust Bank offers its customers a wide range of banking services. One of these services is the issue of an ATM card  to it’s customers that enable them to facilitate the withdrawal or deposit of funds.

At times we often misplace our card or phone and we are made to block it to safeguard our money and ensure the security of our banking transactions.Blocking a GTBank account can be a necessary course of action in certain situations.

There are several reasons why an individual may choose to block their account with Guaranty Trust Bank, including suspected fraudulent activity, unauthorized transactions, or the need to protect their funds from potential security breaches if they misplace their card and phone

By blocking accounts, customers can prevent any further unauthorized access and protect their finances from potential harm. While blocking a GTBank account may temporarily restrict access to funds, it is a necessary step to protect one’s hard-earning money and prevent further unauthorized transactions.

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Blocking your GTBank ATM card offers several critical benefits, especially in cases of loss, theft, or suspected fraud:

1. Prevents Unauthorized Use: The primary benefit is stopping anyone else from using your lost or stolen card. This means:

No withdrawals from your account without your permission.
No fraudulent purchases with your card.

2. Protection from Liability: By promptly blocking your card, you minimize your liability for fraudulent charges. Most banks, including GTBank, have policies in place to protect you from financial losses if you report a lost or stolen card quickly.

3. Peace of Mind: Knowing your card is blocked reduces stress and worry about potential financial damage. You can focus on replacing your card without the constant fear of your account being misused.

4. Early Fraud Detection: The process of blocking your card often involves reviewing recent transactions. This can help you identify any suspicious activity that you might have otherwise missed.

5. Control Over Your Finances: Blocking your card gives you back control, allowing you to decide when and how to reactivate it, or if you simply want to get a new card with a new number.

Important Note: While blocking your ATM card is a crucial step, it’s also important to contact GTBank directly to report the loss or theft. This initiates further security measures and protects you in the long run.

How to Block GTBank Account and ATM card

Here’s a breakdown of how to block your GTBank account and ATM card in case of loss, theft, or security concerns:

Methods to Block Your GTBank Account and ATM Card

1. How to Block GTBank Account and ATM card with ussd code

USSD Code: This is the fastest method for card blocking only.

1.Dial *737*51*74# from the number linked to your GTBank account.
2.Follow the prompts to confirm blocking your ATM card.
3.Enter USSD 4-digit PIN.

2.Block Gtbank by Call GTBank Customer Care:

Nigeria: +234 201 448 0000 (MTN subscribers only)
+234 1 448 0000 (available to all networks except MTN)
+234 700 4826 66328
+234 802 900 2900
+234 803 900 3900
+234 813 985 6000 to speak with a Customer Service
International: +234-14480000

Inform the representative that your card is lost/stolen and request both your card and account be blocked. It is important for individuals to provide any necessary documentation or information to verify their identity and confirm their request to block the account.

3. Block account with GTBank Mobile App:

1.Log into the app and find the “Cards” section.
2.Select the “Hotlist” or “Block Card” option.
3.Follow the instructions to disable your card

 4 . Visit a Branch:
Go in person to a GTBank branch and explain the need to block your account. go with means of identification

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I block my GTBank ATM card if it’s lost or stolen?

Here are the best ways to block your GTBank ATM card if it’s lost or stolen:

1.USSD Code: This is the quickest way to directly block your card.

Dial 73751*74# from the number linked to your GTBank account.
Follow the prompts to confirm the blocking.

2. Call GTBank Customer Care: Speed is crucial for limiting your liability.

Nigeria: 0700-482666328, +234-14480000
International: +234-14480000
Inform the representative that you need your card blocked immediately.


How to unblock Gtbank Card

1. Self-Blocked Through Hotlisting (Mobile App)

1.If you “hotlisted” your card through the GTBank mobile app due to temporary misplacement, you might be able to unblock it yourself.
2.Look for the same “Hotlist” or “Block Card” section in the app.
3.See if there’s an option to “Unblock” or “Reactivate” your card.
4.Follow the app’s instructions, which might involve additional confirmations.


2. Self-Blocked Through Self Service Portal

1.To unblocked your gtbank atm Card visit
2.Select Account Blocking/Unblocking
3.Enter your GTBank account number (NUBAN)
4.Enter your BVN number
5.submit to unblock your Gtbank account

3. you can visit the nearest GTBank branch. to unblocked  your card


Is there a fee to block my GTBank ATM card?

Generally, there is no fee to block your GTBank ATM card if it’s lost or stolen it i free of charge. the bank prioritizes your account’s security,

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