Airtel me2u: How to transfer airtime from airtel to another airtel line

Airtel Me2U: How to share and transfer Airtime from Airtel-In this article you will learn how to transfer or share Airtime with another airtel user know as Airtel Me2U.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where a friend or family member urgently needs some airtime on their phone, Airtel’s Airtime Sharing and Transfer feature comes to the rescue! This handy service allows Airtel users to easily send airtime to their loved ones in times of need.

Sharing and transferring airtime has become a convenient and essential feature for mobile users, providing flexibility and assistance in connecting with friends and family.

Airtel, a leading telecommunications provider, offers users the ability to share and transfer airtime seamlessly within its network. Understanding the process and guidelines for airtime transfers on Airtel is crucial to making the most of this service

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Who is eligible for Airtel Me2U service?

All Airtel Prepaid customers are eligible for the Airtel Me2U service. There are no restrictions or limitations on who can use it. Please note that while this service is available to all Airtel Prepaid customers, there is a separate service called Data Me2U, which allows you to share data from your existing data plan with other Airtel customers (prepaid or postpaid)

Sharing airtime, a feature available on many mobile networks like Airtel’s Me2U, is beneficial in several ways:

– If a friend or family member runs out of airtime and needs to make an urgent call, you can quickly send them credit.

-Someone may be temporarily unable to afford a recharge and needs airtime for essential communication.

It’s quicker than going to a store to buy a recharge card or voucher.

– You can assist someone far away without needing to be physically present.

How to transfer and share Airtel


To use Airtel Me2U, you need to create your Airtel Me2U PIN, which is a 4-digit number. The default PIN is 1234, which you need to change to a new one. You can do this by sending an SMS with the format “PIN Old PIN New PIN” to 432.
Once you have enough airtime on your account, you can proceed to transfer airtime to another Airtel number.

To do so, you need to dial :

  1. Dial *321# on your Airtel line.
  2. Select option 1 “Airtel to Airtel” and select the option for airtime transfer.
  3. Enter the recipient’s Airtel number and then the amount you wish to transfer.
  4. Confirm the transaction with your PIN when prompted. Then you will receive an SMS from Airtel confirming the status of the transfer.

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  1. Download and install the MyAirtel app from your device’s app store.
  2. Log in to your MyAirtel account with your Airtel number or sign up if you don’t have one.
  3. On the homepage, navigate to the “Quick Actions” section and click “View All” to see all the options.
  4. Then select “ME2U-Share Airtime” at the bottom of the options displayed.
  5. Enter the recipient’s Airtel number and the amount you want to transfer.
  6. Finally, verify the details and enter your PIN to complete the transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I transfer airtime from my Airtel account to users on other networks?

No: Airtel’s Me2U service is primarily designed for transferring airtime between Airtel subscribers,

2.Will I be charged a service Fee for this service?

No, there is no service fee or charge to transfer airtime from one Airtel subscriber to another.

3. Is there a limit to the number of times I can share airtime in a day on Airtel?

No, there is no limit to the number of times you can share airtime in a day using Airtel Me2U. You can share airtime as many times as you need, as long as you have sufficient balance in your account.

4. What should I do if I mistakenly transfer airtime to the wrong Airtel number?

  • If you know the person whose number you mistakenly recharged, contact them and explain the situation.
  • You can politely request that they return the airtime to you through Me2U.

5. What is the maximum amount I can transfer in a day, a week or a month?

There is no limitation to the amount you can transfer in a day, a week or in a month.

6.What is the Airtel airtime transfer PIN?

The default transfer PIN is 1234. However, you should change it to your preferred PIN known to only you. This is to avoid others sharing credit from your Airtel line without your knowledge.


In conclusion, transferring airtime from Airtel is a simple and convenient way to help out a friend or family member in need of airtime. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily transfer airtime from one Airtel number to another and ensure that the recipient receives the airtime promptly.

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